S5 - STS Test Software Development Wizard

Soliton STS Software Start-up Suite, a.k.a. S5, is a GUI based configuration tool to simplify STS Test Software development. Once the user enters the necessary inputs into the wizard, S5 generates the LabVIEW code and the TSM test sequence necessary. The necessary LabVIEW templates are pre-coded into S5 so that the test engineers can focus on defining the tests rather than the coding required.

s5 provides

    • Project folder creation in NI recommended test program bundle format
    • TestStand sequence generation for steps in the Test plan
    • LabVIEW code module scripting (completed modules for common tests, and custom template code modules)
    • TSM Pin Map APIs for instruments that are not natively supported by NI
    • Project specific APIs for Relay State setting, DUT Power level setting and Register Read and Write
    • Debug Utilities such as Parameter configuration and Test status utility screens, DUT Power pin profiling and Live DUT communication utility


Device-type specific test libraries for STS, that will allow you to choose from a list of existing tests for the device type you are writing tests for and customize it.


  1. Shortened test software development time

  2. Simplified user experience for test program development on the STS

  3. Reduces the need for deep LabVIEW and TestStand expertise for solution development on the STS

  4. Provides a project specific framework thus enabling test engineers to focus on device testing rather than software architecture

  5. Access to improved project specific debugging tools

  6. Enables and promotes standard solution development methodology amongst multiple test engineers within an organization, that allows for better support, quicker onboarding and better engineering portability across teams.