USB-Power Delivery Compliance, Functional & Parametric Validation

  • Instantiable, Rapid-Deployment PXI Based Solution to Validate/Measure

  • BMC Baseband Modem TX and RX Eye Diagram, Cable Idle Detection and Noise Rejection capabilities for the CC Lines

  • Power Contract Negotiation over CC Line- Spec Compliance

  • Electrical Characteristics such as OVP,OCP,UCD,associated timings and deglitch features

  • Sleep Modes and State Machine Functional Validation

  • V,I Monitor ADC Characteristics

  • Protocol Compliance for Configuration/Readback Interface

  • Based on USB PD Rev 2 Spec available at

  • APIs Available for callability from Test Sequencers

why soliton's usb pd validation suite?

  • Features

    • Both R&D and Production Test Capabilities.
    • LabVIEW Application Programming Interface (API) available.
    • Physical, Protocol, Power Supply, Vendor Defined Messaging Layers.
    • Expandable to non-PD feature testing.
  • Benefits

    • Out-of-the-box GUI for basic use cases and Modular API for advanced use cases.
    • Open PXI architecture allows the scalability to integrate non-PD use cases with advanced triggering, etc.
    • Allows 'Break the Part' and Corner Case Testing that other solutions do not offer.

Soliton USB-PD Test & Validation Suite and API

Soliton USB-PD Test & Validation Suite Demo