Project Engineer – Web Technologies

What will be your role

We are looking for technology enthusiasts who have expertise in any technology stack like Java, Python, .NET, etc. and are willing to learn and transition into the JavaScript stack. We are offering a unique position where you will use your web technologies skills to build GUIs that will talk to peripheral hardware components over USB/Ethernet. These components could be simple evaluation boards to complex IOT devices. Experience in working with hardware is a plus, though it is not a must.

Your Day-to-Day

    • Understand the requirement/s gathered from the customer along with Senior Engineers. Gain deep understanding of the problem at hand
    • Have a good understanding of the best practices in code development and design and any standards/conventions and follow them diligently – Ex: Always following standard practices for Source code control when using tools like SVN, GIT, etc.
    • Actively contribute their ideas/suggestions during design discussions and help the team with any prototyping need (driven by SPE). Take ownership at task level and aspire to take ownership at the module level
    • Take care of unit level testing for all the deliverables. Should be good at capturing the corner cases for integrating the unit level code module into the bigger code base.
    • Contribute to the document creation (Example: API – Application program Interface Document/User Guide)
    • Address customer queries (either via email or during meetings) with minimal input from the Senior Engineer, based on criticality.
    • Experienced Engineers (1+ year), should be able to guide new Engineers including Interns in the team
    • Estimate the time needed to complete the development tasks and deliver against it

What you will bring to the team

    • 0-2 years of experience in web technology stacks such as JS (any framework), Java or .NET, or Python or Ruby etc,
    • Understanding of HTML/CSS
    • Knowledge of source control tools (such as GIT/SVN/Perforce) is a plus
    • Experience in using Node.js for large-scale projects is a plus
    • Experience working in Agile Methodologies such as Scrum is a plus
    • Experience working with hardware is a plus

Job Location

    • Hybrid work model however, flexible to work from office (Bangalore/Coimbatore) in case of business requirements

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