PRIM – Color Register Control System

Soliton PRIM is a color register and cutoff control system developed for 4 color web offset printing machines. Based on Soliton’s smart camera, it uses high speed imagers and high intensity LED strobe lights to acquire images of the printed register marks at high speeds. The powerful Texas Instruments DSP processor inside PRIM analyzes the images to determine the alignment offsets and sends the control signals to the motors for fast and accurate lateral and circumferential alignment.


  • Automatically alerts the operator in case of motor jams or trigger failures
  • Remote diagnostics and support features
  • Manual bypass to ensure zero downtime
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface for configuring the system
  • Secure access to the settings


  • Achieves registration and correct cutoff control in less than a minute, compared to the 4-8 minutes for manual control (depending on the number of towers and the operator skill level).
  • Saves about 40-60% of paper that is typically lost as unsalable copies, and increases the operator’s productivity to manage other tasks.
  • Continuous monitoring enables immediate corrective action to be taken when any misalignment is detected, ensuring better quality of print.
  • Savings from the significant reduction of paper wastage and the better control during the entire print job means that the Soliton PRIM system starts earning a significant return on investment from day 1 of the installation


  • PRIM Sales Partner

    Soliton has forged a strategic partnership with Memory Repro, a leading player in the Indian Printing Industry, for the sales, system integration, and support of its PRIM Color Register Control System. Contact us now for automating your print register control.

  • Custom Solutions for the Printing Industry

    Soliton has over 15 years of experience in building vision based automation solutions, customized imaging hardware, and intelligent image processing algorithms. Leveraging this strong expertise in imaging and image processing, it offers consultation and OEM vision system development services to the printing industry for improving productivity and quality through automation. Contact us for a free consultation call with our vision experts.