3D Computer Vision

Soliton provides automated image based 3D measurement and analysis solutions using Computer Vision and its various sub-domains such as Projective Geometry, Shape from X etc. Applications have included highly accurate 3D Pose Estimation, Monocular Augmented Reality and 3D Shape Reconstruction. The various techniques involved in this includes 3D Camera Calibration, Camera Projector Calibration, Point Cloud Generation and alignment, and Surface Fitting. Further, fusion of external information such as IMU is used to improve accuracy.

3D Computer Vision Offerings

  • 3D Surface Profiling

    Highly accurate reconstruction of the 3D surface for modelling, surface matching and dimensional measurements. Done by post-processing the raw 3D point-cloud generated by structured lighting technique to fit mesh.

  • 3D Pose Estimation

    Marker-less augmented reality application using structure from motion and SLAM techniques that combines both visual and inertial information to estimate depth and 3D pose of the camera with high accuracy.

Technical Expertise

  • Camera Calibration (Multi Camera Systems and Camera Projector Systems) Arria V,X, FTDI-USB and Cypress-Superspeed-USB3.
  • Point Cloud Generation and post processing of point cloud.
  • Mesh Generation and Alignment.
  • Surface Profiling and Metrology.
  • Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) and Structure from Motion (SFM).
  • Real Time Pose Estimation for Markerless Augmented Reality Application.
  • Experience in Hardware Development for 3D Application.

Why Soliton?

  • Accomplishments

      • Helped refine and productize academic research to be used for industrial application.
      • Developed multi camera pose estimation system that has an accuracy of 2 minutes (1/30 degrees) with a high end camera and 4 minutes with a low cost camera.
      • Developed algorithms to be executed on mobile platforms (Android and iOS) with stringent memory and computational resource requirements
      • Developed multiple 3D R&D Products for our customer and some are currently in production.
  • Highlights

      • Single Stop Development for Algorithm Development and Code Optimization for various platforms.
      • 5+ Years of experience in 3D Vision Product Development.
      • Developed 3D Vision solutions that work under varied lighting and indoor/outdoor conditions.