Computer Vision And Analytics

Soliton provides R&D product development services in the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learning,
3D Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics and Big Data.

We have developed and delivered the technology behind multiple sophisticated Machine Vision systems
which are working successfully in the real world since 1998 and have received numerous prestigious
international awards for our innovative work.

Computer Vision


  • 3D Computer Vision

    From Hardware Development for Point Cloud Generation, Multi Camera Calibration, Point Cloud Alignment, Mesh Generation, to Surface Profiling and visual SLAM Techniques, we do it all in the full 3D pipeline.

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Why Soliton

  • Product Experience

    10+ years of end-to-end vision product development, deployment, and support experience

  • Confluence of Skills under one roof

    Algorithms – Computer Vision and Machine Learning on Embedded, Mobile, Desktop, and Server platforms

    Embedded Systems Design – Electronic Hardware, Embedded Software, Mechanical Design, and Product Certification

    Cloud and Mobile – Cloud Connectivity, Data Management, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Security

    Big Data Analytics – Big Data Management and Data Analytics

    • Engineering Best Practices

      We use the best practices in the industry for development and release to ensure high productivity, performance, quality, and maintainability.

  • Research to Product Experience

    Our team’s academic experience combined with product development experience helps us to leverage the latest academic research findings and apply them to solve real world problems.