Semiconductor Services

Soliton is a leading provider of platforms and solutions to global semiconductor companies for all the major post-silicon activities in the product development life cycle.

    • IC Characterization / Post Silicon Validation
    • Production Test Engineering
    • IC Evaluation Kit Design
    • HTML5 Evaluation Board GUI Platform
      Zero-Code Device GUI Generator
    • Reference / System Designs
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Platform Solutions

Soliton provides consulting and development services to help organizations develop purpose-built platforms and tools to substantially increase their engineering productivity.

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Computer Vision & Analytics

Soliton provides R&D and product development services in the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, 3D Vision, Natural Language Processing, Big Data and Data Analytics.

    • Computer Vision and Machine Learning
    • 3D Computer Vision
    • Big Data and Analytics
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These products have been developed by Soliton to address the needs that were noticed when working on the 1000+ customer projects over the years.

    • S5 – STS Test Software Development Wizard
      Thin Client for Remote Monitoring
    • PXI-Based Platform for USB-Power Delivery Compliance, Functional and Parametric Validation
    • PXI-based Full Blown I2C Timing and Syntax Parametric Validation Suite
    • Peek-i-Mon
    • PRIM – Color Registration Control System
    • NEO – OEM Smart Camera
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Soliton uses these technologies to deliver its products and services. In many of them, Soliton has achieved international recognition for its expertise.

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