Print Color Registration & Cut-off Control System

PRIM is a Print Color Registration & Cut-off Control System developed for four color web-offset printing machines. It uses a high speed imager with integrated high intensity LED strobe light to acquire images of printed register marks. Inbuilt high performance CPU analyzes the images to determine alignment offsets and sends real time signal to the motor for fast and accurate lateral and circumferential alignment correction.

Highlights & Features

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  • Excellent color registration in less than 50 copies at Cold Start
  • Reduced wastage during Stop & Start for plate change
  • Easy to adapt to any web-offset printing machine


  • Highly reliable embedded system
  • Innovative adaptive algorithm for quick registration
  • Touch screen interface for easy operations
  • Alarms for fail safe operation
  • Auto/Manual bypass for zero downtime
  • Remote diagnostics for quick support
  • Designed and manufactured in India
  • Local service and support

Explore PRIM Color Registration Control System in less than 3 minutes

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  • Achieves registration and correct cutoff control in less than 60 seconds
  • Saves about 40-60% of paper that is typically lost as unsellable copies
  • Continuous monitoring enables immediate corrective action to be taken when any misalignment is detected, ensuring better quality print
  • A significant return on investment from day one of the installation

Successfully running on 100+ web-offset printing machines

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“20+ years of expertise in developing camera based solutions”

Get a sneak peek into PRIM’s installation on Manugraph Hiline Printing Machine

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