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    Increase Productivity Across Semiconductor Characterization and Production Test Through Standardization and Platform Reuse

    Vijay Krishna G & John Bongaarts
    23 May 2018, 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
    Hall 19A

    Semiconductor device manufacturers face continual pressure to reduce time to market and costs, yet organizational boundaries and siloed knowledge bases force costly reimplementation of the same IP and rediscovery of the same learnings between different functions in the product development flow. You can create the conditions necessary to break down these silos…

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Is your Validation Automation cutting edge?

A Validation Engineer’s role is crucial in the post-Si phase of the semiconductor device life-cycle. It is their responsibility to define the validation plan, set-up the hardware and software components, debug and optimize the automation, collect, analyse and present the collected data and findings before the data sign-off. In addition to the above responsibilities, should they also be maintaining, and enhancing the automation framework that assists them in their job?

Soliton has been specializing in this area for more than 10 years and has built cutting edge solutions for numerous leading semiconductor companies. With right optimization of the validation automation framework, we can help increase validation engineering team’s productivity by 30% or more - and the right framework would enable validation engineers to spend less time developing automation and do more on their core work - device validation.

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Build solutions faster using standardized components

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Retain the versatility of the NI platform

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Increase collaboration, expertise, and reuse.


Soliton develops semiconductor platforms that are based on the NI platform, which can significantly increase productivity and reduce cost and time in semiconductor validation and production test. The following are some of our solutions for the semiconductor industry:

  • Bringing in standardization and increasing the reuse of software developed for chip characterization and post-silicon validation.

  • IC Characterization / Post-silicon Validation.

  • Ready-to-use PXI Solutions for I2C and USB-PD Compliance Verification.

  • Super-fast production test code development for the STS.

  • Instrument Utilization Monitoring (increase sharing; reduce your spend).

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  • Record 3-time Overall Winner of the NIWeek Best Applications paper contest; 20+ paper contest awards in total

  • NIWeek Outstanding Technical Resources Award - Alliance Category - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Texas Instruments Supplier Excellence Award - 2014

  • Frost & Sullivan Post-Silicon Validation Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award - 2016

  • 60+ NI Certified Engineers; 14 Certified LabVIEW Architects

  • NI STS/Semiconductor Specialty Partner

  • First NI Alliance Partner in India

  • Over 1000 projects delivered

  • Served customers in 10 countries (USA, India, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, China, Israel, Philippines, Mexico)

  • Delivered high customer satisfaction; more than 90% of revenue from repeat customers

  • Mature process developed over 15+ years; ISO 9001 certified



A ready to deploy automation platform for semiconductor characterization and validation that incorporates the industry’s best practices.

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Zero Code GUI Builder

Build Intuitive, Attractive Chip Evaluation GUIs with zero coding in 8-24 hours. Upcoming version will be web-based and platform-independent and inherit the features of currently released version.

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Centrally monitor the utilization of all connected USB, GPIB, Ethernet instruments across all lab benches.

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USB-PD Compliance Suite

Get USB-PD spec compliance report in minutes! Rapid-Deployment, All-PXI, Open-Platform Solutions.

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I2C Syntax Validation Suite

Generate timing, syntax and fault tolerance report of I2C Spec Compliance within a matter of minutes or ship your IC to Soliton who will generate this report.

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Post-Silicon Validation

Our test automation software can increase the test coverage while ensuring significant reduction in the testing time.

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Production Test Engineering

Soliton is one of the most experienced NI Partners on the STS platform and with the expertise and tools to optimise programs for maximum throughput in multi-site testing.

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Custom-built Standardization Platforms

Soliton can help develop purpose-built automation platforms and tools to substantially increase your engineering productivity.

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HTML5 cross-platform device GUIs

Transform your Evaluation Board User Interfaces into powerful marketing tools with our HTML5 based Desktop GUIs for USB connected devices.

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Advanced Analytics

Our data science solutions turn raw data into business value.

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