Leadership Team

  • Managing Director and CEO

    Ganesh founded Soliton in 1998, and has since established the company as the leader in India in the business areas in which it operates. Soliton started business as the first Alliance Member of National Instruments (www.ni.com) in India, and Ganesh introduced Virtual Instrumentation, a concept pioneered by Texas based National Instruments, to manufacturing industries in the region. In parallel he also developed customers in the US for its offshore Virtual Instrumentation Software (LabVIEW) development services. The revenue grew at an average annual compounded rate of 60% during the first seven years. During this period, Soliton also established itself as one of the worlds most innovative Virtual Instrumentation System developers by winning the most prestigious global award in this field a record three times (2000, 2001, and 2004). Soliton started a products division in 2005, and became the first company in India to manufacture Machine Vision Cameras and Smart Cameras. Soliton has established itself as the leading machine vision company in India. In all, Soliton has received over 25 technology awards for its innovative work and has built up an outstanding reputation for Quality, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction. Ganesh was selected as one of the ‘101 Successful Entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu’ by CII in 2008. He also was profiled by the India Today magazine as a new economy player to watch in 2001. Ganesh also serves on the Board of Directors of ELGI Equipments Ltd (www.elgi.com).
    Previously, Ganesh worked as a Project Scientist at V I Engineering, Inc., Michigan, a leading National Instruments Alliance Member in the US. Ganesh received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
    From the age of 15, for a period of six years, Ganesh was passionately involved in tuning racing engines and racing cars and he won the Grand Prix in the most competitive racing category in India in 1987, 88, and 89. Today his interests include education where he is trying to convince engineering colleges to reduce the amount of content “taught” to students and focus instead on enabling deeper understanding of the basics and the ability to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems.

  • Business Unit Manager - I&M

    Anish truly believes Soliton and its team can delight its customers through innovation and outstanding service. He has an eye towards simplicity and yearns to clone Feynman’s methods for learning and understanding complex subjects.  He is a bit of an introvert, choosing to be more comfortable learning, reading, playing sports and the occasional dance. His learning and entrepreneurial bent led him to participate in the Fall 2016 UW Extension IdeaAdvance Seed Fund Program. He is warm hearted and wants to make people he interacts with feel good about themselves. He provides business and technology leadership in the areas of automated design validation and automated production test; working with leading Fortune 100 organizations in helping them improve productivity, optimize processes and eliminate waste. He believes technologies like machine learning can truly transform people’s lives. He works with an incredible team of architects and developers helping our customers be successful.

  • Mekhala holds a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. She is primarily responsible for campus recruitment, the main form of recruitment in Soliton, and also serves as a mentor and counsellor to the many Solitons who come up and ask for her time. In her earlier role in Soliton, Mekhala oversaw the setup of all the many offices as Soliton out grew its older ones.

  • Resource Manager

    Sudha, an engineering graduate from Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore joined Soliton in 2000 as Project Engineer. She has eight years of technical experience in executing Test & Automation LabVIEW projects. While customers high regard for her excellence in work and NIWEEK Best application awards were success stories in her technical ladder, her genuine care towards the growth of the team members and the ability to understand people got her a transition to HR role in Soliton. She has experience in conducting annual performance appraisal and compensation, lateral recruitment, engineering allocation and resolving HR issues. She is continuing her journey in Soliton as a key member of the HR team with a vision to enable each Soliton experience ‘A Genuine Workplace’.

  • Business Unit Manager - LF

    Vijay Krishna is a Business Unit Manager at Soliton. He joined Soliton in 2009 after completing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University. Vijay worked on several key & challenging automation projects within Soliton, and was a member of the Soliton team that developed the PRIM Color Registration Control System. He has since focused on working with key semiconductor companies, and helping design, implement, scale and sustain standardized automation frameworks for post-silicon validation & characterization. He is also the Soliton product manager for S5 – the STS Test Software Development Suite and SIVA – Soliton’s Integrated Validation Architecture for Post-SIlicon Validation & Characterization – helping customers establish an automation framework spanning the organization and realize significant return on investment within a period of 6 months.

    He is an avid traveler, movie buff and a sports enthusiast who actively plays cricket, racquetball & basketball. He has won several key awards at Soliton including Team Player of the Year 2012, Innovator of the Year – 2016-18 and Soliton of the Year – 2017. He is based out of Austin, Texas, USA.