Interfacing Data Converters (JESD204B/LVDS) to FPGAs

Soliton has more than 10 years of experience interfacing high-speed data converters to various FPGAs.

Do the challenges below sound familiar?

  • JESD204B Lane Errors, Loss of Sync
  • Reconfigurability of LMF and Line Rate
  • Multi-device Synchronization
  • Deterministic Latency using SYSREF
  • JESD Sample Alignment
  • FPGA Timing Closure

Soliton’s Deep Experience with High Speed Data Converters (ADC, DAC)

  • Expertise with JESD204B upto line rate of 15Gbps, High Speed LVDS upto 1.6Gbps and CMOS interface up to 200Mbps
  • Interfaced DDR memories like DDR2, DDR3, DDR4
  • Interfaced the data converters with various FPGAs from Xilinx (Kinetix 7, Virtex 7, UltraScale), Intel/Altera (Arria V, Arria 10, Stratix IV) & Lattice (LatticeECP3)
  • USB link to Host PC with a practical throughput of 320Mbps with FTDI USB 2.0 and 2Gbps with USB3.0 FX3 controller


Interfacing high speed data converters (HSDC) like JESD204B/LVDS to FPGAs


Improve Productivity: Eliminates the need of working with different vendors for different pieces of work

Save Money & Overheads: No need to maintain a team with multidisciplinary skill-set

Soliton's Impact to the Business

    • Improved FPGA code base for a large customer which significantly reduced their support bandwidth, almost by 75%
    • Unified GUI framework for Data Converter Evaluation Boards of multiple business units of a large semiconductor company which has led to reduced redundancy and significant reduction in their overheads
    • Built a common hardware and FPGA bitfile regression suite for the family of data converter evaluation platforms maintained by customer. Increased test coverage and reduced release cycle times. Every firmware and hardware release certified good in minutes using this regression suite
    • Identified best ways to dramatically reduce RF transceiver characterization time and reduced 7 hours of characterization cycle time to 1.5 hours (with 100 times faster data transfer to PC)
    • Added innovative master-slave triggering modes in a Data Converter Evaluation Platform so that multiple EVM boards can be cascaded together to scale resolution without scaling the complexity of the platform

About Soliton

  1. Soliton is a technology company established in 1998, having 200+ employees and offices in USA and India
  2. We empower engineering teams with frameworks, tools & services to significantly improve their productivity
  3. 5 among the top 10 global semiconductor companies are our customers
  4. Customer delight is our No. 1 priority