PXI-based Semiconductor Test System (STS) has helped break the traditional barrier that previously existed between high volume production testing in the factory floor and the validation, characterization activities in the lab, owing to significant differences in the hardware. Since the NI STS shares the same instrument modules with the PXI that is used in validation labs, the possibility for code reuse from the lab to fab has now opened up. Correlation of data between the lab and fab has also become more straightforward.

However, this value can be realized only if the code is correctly architected to address the different care abouts in the lab and fab without compromising the reuse. Flexibility is given the premium in the lab while performance is paramount in the fab.


Soliton is uniquely placed to help customers overcome this barrier through a mixture of

    • Identifying those components which contribute significantly to Lab to Fab reuse.
    • Identifying effective processes and checkpoints in upstream activities to enable a streamlined flow of the identified reuse components, all the way through production.
    • Developing the right tools which assist the engineers in different engineering functions (validation, characterization, test engineering) to develop effective high level solutions for their needs on their own
      • The tool would be non-hindering to the user and not limit the development in any manner
      • The tool would be able to provide all the necessary low level reuse components, which facilitates ‘lab to fab’, in the right form-factor to the user
      • Designed in the way that the user should WANT to use these within his solution because they ease his development.
    • Imparting the right training to various stakeholders (Validation Engineers, Characterization Engineers, Test engineers).


  1. Experts in LabVIEW, TestStand, and PXI.
  2. Maximum experience in working with STS and TSM right from the first day of release by NI to the partners.
  3. 10+ years of experience in the semiconductor domain, across 5+ leading semiconductor companies, covering 50+ product lines.
  4. Experts in designing platform solutions to enhance engineering productivity.