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Test Coverage and Automation Coverage for the Product against specification in the validation automation.

1. How much of the specification is validated with the actual device in the lab using automation?*
2. Level of automation in the validation process to effectively collect data like temperature looping and other test conditions loops, combining multiple measurements for effective data collection?*
3. Level of manual intervention required during automation.*

Time for First Sample Validation

1. How many days it takes to validate the sample devices from the 1st day of silicon arrival in lab.*

Effort/Time Needed to Setup Hardware Stack

1. Time required for setting up the setup.*

Tools for Debugging Tests

1. Able to run a measurement interactively from the a UI before automation/data collection*
2. Able to recreate a failure condition for debug?*

Validation Engineers Focus Time

1. Is the validation team able to focus on core validation activity (data collection, device debug and finding issues with device.)*
2. More the validation engineer spent the time in debugging device, the cost of validation cycle will be effectively utilized.*

New Engineer Onboarding Effort and Time

1. When a new engineer joins the validation team, how is he trained and ramped up and the cost associated it?*

SkillSet/Expertise Required

1. Level of software skill required for the validation engineer?*
2. A person with basic knowledge on Protocols*

Ability to build new tests

1. How soon new tests/measurements can be built*
2. How easy it is to accommodate the custom tests*