Data Visualization

Spend minutes, not days comparing spec, simulation, validation and ATE data at scale.

Are you
- Spending too much time consolidating and comparing data from the spec, simulation, validation and ATE across products, benches, labs, geographies?
- Worried about ‘surprise’ costs of scaling your data logging and visualization architecture for 10s, 100s, or 1000s of users?
- Wondering if your data is ML (machine learning) ready?
- Spending too much time summarizing data for internal and external customers

Before we helped them, many of our customers would point to their data visualization and management activity as the least efficient, time-consuming and least ‘fulfilling’ aspect of post-silicon validation. After our involvement, these activities have been transformed. Several engineering hours are being saved for every chip and every release. Some teams are using the time saved to reflect on their validation methodology and realize other savings in the test automation workflow while some are just releasing chips faster.

data visualization and management

Contact us to learn
- why to ($, TTM) &
- how to (methodology, toolchain)
harmonize your automation and data management workflow so it checks all these boxes.

    Soliton has years of experience harmonizing automation workflows. Before working with us, our customers pointed to data visualization and management as the least efficient part of their post validation process. Now, they save several engineering hours with each chip and release. 

    To see a demo or learn more, write back to me at [email protected].