Coder Premier League

Are you the BEST CODER in Coimbatore? Test your skills in our coding tournament.

About Coder Premier League

Have you heard of robot wars? This event is similar, except that your bot will battle the other bots! Each team will be writing a program (bot) to compete in a game against the bots from the other teams. Let’s say the game is Tic-Tac-Toe. You will submit a program (bot) incorporating the best strategy to play tic-tac-toe. Your bot will play against the bots submitted by your opponents via Soltion’s gaming platform SBOX. The tournament will contain a round robin stage followed by a knockout stage.

On the event day at 9 AM, we will reveal the rules of the game and you will have time until next day 9 AM to program your bot. During the 24 hours, you will be able to battle the bots being developed by the other teams and also play against the bots submitted by the organizers and develop your strategy and modify your program. You can play any number of games until 9 AM the next day, when the coding stops and the tournament begins to determine the top teams and the final champion. Soliton will provide all the meals and unlimited snacks during the event. Further details about logistics, etc. will be provided shortly.

If you want to test your coding skills against the other top coders in Coimbatore, this is your chance. For this competition, you will need a mix of game playing logic and coding skills.


Dec 1st, 9 AM
Dec 2nd, 1 PM


Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd
#305, 3rd Floor, Tidel Park,
Vilankurichi Rd, Aerodrome (Po),
Coimbatore – 641014.


Early Bird Offer*
INR 600/team – for Students
INR 1000/team – for Professionals
(* ends on Oct 21st)


  • INR 15,000 /-

    First Prize

  • INR 10,000 /-

    Second Prize

  • INR 6,000 /-

    Third Prize

  • INR 4,000 /-

    Fourth Prize

and more exciting prizes!!!


Please submit the details requested below to receive the registration link as soon as we open the registrations. We hope to accommodate everybody who is interested, but we may have to restrict the registrations to the number that we can reliably handle.

Note: Please write a few sentences about your programming experience and accomplishments.