Innovations released to customers.

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    • S5 - STS Test Software Development Wizard

      Soliton STS Software Start-up Suite, a.k.a. S5, is a GUI based configuration tool to simplify STS Test Software development. Once the user enters the necessary inputs into the wizard, S5 generates the LabVIEW code and the TSM test sequence necessary.

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    • Thin Client for Remote Monitoring

      Soliton’s Thin allows users to remotely access and control the applications running on these systems via a browser or from mobile devices. The web application can access the data from PXI, cRIO, or other systems and display them in the most suitable visualization format required by the user.

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    • PXI- Based Platform for USB-Power Delivery Compliance, Functional and Parametric Validation

      BMC Baseband Modem TX and RX Eye Diagram, Cable Idle Detection and Noise Rejection capabilities for the CC Lines.

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    • PXI-based Full Blown I2C Timing and Syntax Parametric Validation Suite

      Suite to Generates timing sweep, syntax validation and fault tolerance report of Philips I2C Spec Compliance for any I2C Device within a matter of minutes. Callable from external sequencing environments.

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    • I2C Timing and Syntax Parametric Validation Suite
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    • Peek-i-Mon

      Peek-i-Mon is a breakthrough tool that helps monitor and report on the utilization of hundreds or even thousands of GPIB, USB or Ethernet benchtop instruments connected to PCs which are in turn connected to the corporate network.

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    • PRIM - Color Register Control System

      Soliton PRIM is a color register and cutoff control system developed for 4 color web offset printing machines. Based on Soliton’s smart camera, it uses high speed imagers and high intensity LED strobe lights to acquire images of the printed register marks at high speeds.

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    • NEO - OEM Smart Camera

      Soliton Neo is a DSP-based smart camera that is a fully integrated vision system for automation applications (no PC is required for the image processing). Powered by the high-speed algorithms of the Soliton Vision Library (SVL), this cost-effective industrial smart camera is designed to be fitted inside machines and working in industrial environments.

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